Get up to £300 pounds for your old or damaged mobile phone
Its easy to recycle your phone with us
1.just find your phone in our guide

2.send it to us

3.receive payment within 24 hours*,

We will provide you with a freepost envelope to send your phone in
and once we receive it and test your phone
you will receive payment within 24 hours,

We also pay for broken mobile phones,
Phone Recycling is very important for the environment
as they contain mercury,lead and other toxic chemicals
as well as valuable metals such as gold and silver
phone recycling helps keep them out of landfill sites and provides affordable devices for 3rd world countries where networks do not subsidise

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Mobile phone Buyers

Recycling your old mobile phones with couldn't be Easier
selling your old phone to us helps the environment and earns you money at the same time
there are millions of used mobile phones in the UK currently with the average lifespan being 18 months
sometimes even less,

these phones are stored in bedside drawers for years until they depreciate so much as technology moves on,
until eventully they are cleared out and thrown where they end up at a landfill site

We are one of The UK's highest paying / Best Service phone recycling company in the UK

We provide freepost bags to send your old Technology for recycling and pay out for them the same day

With millions of new phones being brought every year it is important that everyone recycles there old mobile phones

Here at UKPhoneBuyers we pride ourself's on providing a high quality cash for phones phone recycling service

with todays fast paced lifestyle people do not have time to spend on sell my mobile sites trying to find the best prices

for there old mobile phones, UKPhoneBuyers Is a fast and easy way to get cash for phones


Why is Recycling mobile phones important?

It's important as old mobile phones contain harmful chemicals such as lead and nickel cadmium

which can leak into the water supply if phones are just dumped at landfill,
these phones will take over a million years to biodegrade due to the composite of glass, plastic and metals
it is a terrible waste of good mobile phones that could be sold on in developing countries
where phones are much more expensive because there is no network subsidising mobile phones as it is not profitable

Why should I bother recycling?

You should recycle because it helps the environment, and provides you with a little extra cash to spend on a new mobile phone
recycling phones also provides many jobs here in the UK and abroad
Aswell as increased revenues for the UK government in taxes paid by phone recycling companies

How much can I get for my old mobile phone?

With UKPhonebuyers you can get up to £300 For your old or broken mobile phones

We even Provide a freepost postage paid envelope to send you're phones in with
All of our prices are checked requlely to ensure we are one of the top paying recycling websites in the UK

Do you accept Broken mobile phones?

Yes we do, broken mobile phones can often be repaired fully by us in less than 15 minutes,

we do pay a reduced price for broken phones like all other major phone recyclers
This price depends on the phone and the level of damage it has and the cost of parts and time required

to bring the handset back to a condition where it can be sold on by us

What do you do with the phones?

All Phones recycled are refurbished and sold on the booming second hand phone market

they may end up being used in the United Kingdom, or Abroad in third world countries